We are a sustainable family farm

Our dream of Six Ridges Farm began to be developed in 1993, when farmer, Brian McGuire began building his herd. With an emphasis on humane cattle farming, ASH-free beef that is quality, healthy and with flavorful taste, our mission is to breed, raise and finish animals from birth to harvest.


Local Farm in Paris, KY

Our animals are born and raised on our family farm in Bourbon County, Kentucky. The farm operation focuses on sustainability and humane welfare practices. Our herd is ASH-free, bred to be more drought and heat tolerant, and built to finish on pasture.

Pasture Finished

What is ASH-Free? Antibiotic, Steroid and Hormone free beef from cattle that is raised on a 100% grass-fed diet via rotational grazing practices. Our cattle are not only grass-fed but grass-finished. What's the difference?